Don't make me think

Don’t make me think from the author Steve Krug,  is required reading for those who want to deal with UX / UI. The theme of the book is a common sense approach to web usability. When we talk about the use of any interface, title itself reveals the essence of what we need to pay attention.

People often ask me: “What’s the most important thing I should do if I want to make sure my site or app is easy to use?” The answer is simple. It’s not “Nothing important should ever be more than two clicks away” or “Speak the user’s language” or “Be consistent.” It’s… “Don’t make me think!”- a quote from the book.

User really should not think about the functionality, or to have any confusion during use a site or application.

I'm not sure what this means

Every time when a customer has some vagueness as to the elements of design, he draws attention from the content and the reason he came to the site, on something that is quite frustrating, therefore he will not be to long on the same site and will look for a solution to the competition website! That is certainly not advisable.

Interface design should allow users to easily use website or application, not to confusing or make i difficult. Although for professionals in this field, that is sometimes difficult to accept, but practice has shown and proved many times  so far, that the users of digital media have no experience in the use of technology in the way we use them.

To all appearances this is where the main problem occurs, the designer should not imply or assume what the user knows or does not know, or how he like to use website or app. Design should be self-explanatory, which makes the job way more creative and interesting.

The purpose of a serious approach to design is to undesirable situations reduce to a minimum, Steve Krug in a very humorous and interesting way explains how to overcome and how to have proper approach to design. His approach to this subject is one of the main reason why I recommend this book  and also use daily this book as a guide.

Author: Danica Glodjovic