poslovni.comOne of the most interesting projects I have participated in so far is poslovni.com, and that is one of reason to write about it.

Regional project of this type requested experts from various fields as well as team members from different countries, which is the content of this site provided complete authenticity, as well as the high level of professionalism. The poslovni.com is  business news aggregator with very rich content and the greatest coverage of current topics in the region and the world.

Using this aggregators you can access the information you are interested in, from a completely new perspective, allowing you to see the bigger picture of current ongoings in the Balkan region.

Poslovni.com is designed and developed in order to facilitate reading the regional news from various categories and sources collected in one place. This allows a great saving of time and easier way to be informed and up to date with the latest news from the region, without need for a special visit many different sites.  Ranking of newspaper titles is based on location, relevance and timing of certain news. Besides a large number of categories and sources poslovni.com allows you to real-time tracking information, weather forecasts, exchange rates and to use plug-ins to currency converters and track shipment.

Simplified interface allows users to easily use aggregator and easy access to all desired information. The main design goal is that any element does not draw the user’s attention from the main site content, as well as all the accessories that contains are simply and accessible. Website like this, to whom is the prevailing target group are business people from the Balkan, requires that the visual identity be adapted to different countries and cultures, therefore we decided for neutral colors.

Poslovni.com the first aggregator on Balkan, which was our big motivation for every aspect of development for dedicate ourselves to maximum thinking about all the details. 

Great appreciation for the phenomenal cooperation, colleagues and authors of the project: Salko Krijestorac, Haris Krijestorac, Hana Krijestorac, Stefan Aleksandrov, Stefan Kostic and Ivan Lakovic.

Author: Danica Glođović