Digital Marketing

Because the most efficient forms of marketing require minimal investments!

The Internet is quickly turning into a big shopping mall. Consumers use search engines to list competitive offers and to find products that produce the best value for money. The smart use of digital marketing helps companies to direct consumers’ attention to their page and increase their sales and revenue.

Our digital marketing team consists of experienced marketing professionals, who regularly follow the latest trends and have dozens of successful case studies in their portfolio. Roux Design covers all digital marketing segments, from on-page SEO to social media marketing and PPC campaigns.

We have divided our digital marketing services into three separate packages:


SEO services

SEO is a very complex discipline.

There are more than 200 criteria that define the rating of your page and influence its traffic and the popularity among the audience you are targeting. Our SEO services package consists of a wide variety of SEO tasks. Roux experts will simplify your website code, optimize your content with keywords and equip your page with the top-notch user experience, which guarantees high conversion.

Social media

Social media marketing services

Social networks allow business users to target their audience by their demographic data, interests and behavioral patterns.

If you decide to uplift your SM presence with Roux Design social media marketing services, our experts will deliver your offer in the form of engaging posts. The content we create and share on social media will easily relate to your targeted audience and become viral with a minimal boost.

digital marketing

Paid search engine marketing services (a.k.a. PPC campaigns)

The smart use of Google AdWords can produce an incredible ROI.

Our experts will uplift your PPC campaigns with perfectly-crafted banners and a smart audience targeting. The attractive campaign will result in sales and revenue increase that will allow you to invest more funds into your business development.

Our digital marketing services will help you to expand your market and make your offer more appealing to the targeted consumers. Since more than 80% of shoppers use the internet to search for their favorite products, high search engine and social media ranking will improve your company’s reputation and bring you more revenue. Reinvesting these funds into digital marketing can shift the focus of your business to the online sales and turn your company into a digital market leader.