Web Design

Effective web design is a shortcut to the profitable digital market where minimal investments lead to drastic customer increase.

A perfectly-designed web presentation is the best tool for building customer trust. Since consumers always check company’s website or app before making a purchase, the design of these platforms affects company’s reputation, sales, and business development.

Roux Design team offers the perfect blend of web design and web development knowledge and experience. We will use visuals to emphasize the best sides of your business and equip your platform with simple navigation and outstanding user interface design (UI).

We have divided our services into three different categories:

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Classic web design services

The commercial website should be the main pillar of your digital marketing effort.

Roux designers have hundreds of website designs in their portfolios, from one-page presentations to complex e-commerce and directory platforms. With advanced web design skills, they will craft stunning visuals and simple and effective user experience (UX). Their solutions will elevate your business to the new level and turn your company into a market leader.

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Mobile app design services

In 2014 mobile internet users outnumbered the desktop ones.

Since then, the mobile internet has taken over the digital marketing. That is why the mobile app design is now the basis of every mobile marketing strategy. Our mobile app design solutions are based on harmony and functionality and tailored to your customers’needs and taste. Expect layouts with perfect combinations of colors, shapes and text and an outstanding user experience (UX) that will motivate your leads to use the app on a daily basis.

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User interface design services (UI)

One of the best ways to make your presentation stand out from the competition is to equip it with the perfectly-crafted user interface.

If you entrust Roux with your user interface design project, you will get practical and easy-to-use solutions, innovative design combos and the form that always follows the function. Users will find the way to your checkout page with ease, and your conversion rates will sky-rocket.

Roux Design team will provide you with a high-end web and UI designs, at an offshore price. Our goal is to equip client’s websites and apps with great visuals and the top level of user experience (UX) functionality. By designing and developing stunning websites and apps, we are also setting the new standards and trends in the web design industry.